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Eradicate Poverty!

Many organizations feed the homeless in Atlanta during the week, often many have to go without on the weekend. It is our mission to fill that void. We distribute hygiene kits and snacks for women, men and children. At this moment, we can only go out every quarter. It is our goal to do this every weekend. We work in all aspect of homeless outreach.

Distribution day is a day to celebrate. We get to go out and meet those we are helping and blessing. Clothes, food, and hygiene kits!

Project Butterfly is a nonprofit that specializes in hygiene kits, food, and clothing donations. Our goal is no less than 100 and aim for 200. As of now construction of the hygiene kits are done by the senior members of the organization, but we would love for as much help as possible. We would love for this to be a community effort.

There are many ways to join and help Project Butterfly in  our efforts to help eradicate poverty.


Project Butterfly is the idea of the Founder and President, Jessica Soles. She is known for taking missionary trips to EL Salvador. There she fed the homeless along with feed the poor. During 2020, the pandemic caused her to miss her annual trip to El Salvador. It was then she thought about her home and all the homeless she saw on a daily basis. An idea formed, what if she could bring what she did in El Salvador to her own backyard, Atlanta, GA. The main message in all of this, is bringing and showing Christ's love for one another. For when you care for the poor, you also care for Jesus.  Everyone deserve the bare necessities.

Project Butterfly also strives to mentor and give back to those in need. There are no forms to fill out of proof of income to show. The help is for anyone who needs it.


T: 205-705-9499

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