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We are a Christian Non Profit Organization dedicated to eradicating poverty. We live in a First World society. It makes no sense for a country with our mean to have the problems with poverty that we do. It is not a political causes abut an appeal to humanity cause.  There many reasons why a person might be homeless or under the poverty line. In Atlanta, a huge problem is the rising cost of living but the scare jobs. There are also veterans and those stricken with mental illness. There are many reasons to be faced with this situation. It is our duty to help them. We believe that by sharing our love for Christ that all things can be done and nothing is impossible. It is up to three ladies, Jessica Soles, Rachel Green, and Dana Walton to spearhead the campaign


No one should have to go without just because its the weekend.

Many organizations that help the poor, only service those on weekdays. It is a constant that Project Butterfly ran into frequently. Our goal is to fill the voids and come on the weekends and distribute hygiene bags, food, and clothes. One goal that we have is to eventually distribute Marta bus cars too and coach on interviews and filling out applications.

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