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Jessica Soles

About Me

Hi, I am Jessica Soles. I started my journey in Birmingham, Alabama. I was born and raised there. From there I started my undergrad at Savannah College of Art and Design. I majored in Marketing and management while minoring in fashion. This brought my journey to Georgia. My graduate experience introduced me to Arizona State University. There I studied Global development and technology. It was during theses times that I started to go to El Salvador to assist with their poverty issues. I also started to help the homeless in Atlanta as a part of my church efforts. It was during these times that the idea formed. To help more in my neighborhood. I learned that the homeless on get fed Monday through Fridays and some Saturdays. They get little to no hygiene products. There are also the women and girls who have to go with the proper monthly hygiene products. The idea is to love your neighbor as you would love yourself and family. The idea is to make a difference. Together we can. In fact I have gotten my mother to be apart of this push. It takes a village to uplift each other.

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