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Wine tasting fundraising coming up

We have Thanksgiving distribution is coming up and that mean a call to action. A need for volunteers (300 bags to construct) and board members. I need a board president as well as someone who can handle social media. No pressure at all. There needs to be more structure. That is easier said than done. We will restructure to evenly encompass Georgia's needs. We are expanding faster than expected. There is nothing wrong with that. There are many who are in need. This brings me to the main point a virtual wine tasting. We are teaming with One Hope to bring the wine and learn more about Project Butterfly.

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Yesterday was a success! Video to be loaded soon. I also made my fundraising event on eventbrite. I have been asked to work more frequently with my distribution dates.

There are more events coming soon. I hope all can attend at least one. Whether it is through volunteering or fundraising...every piece of the puzzle helps in the grand design.

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